At its core, Connectably is a CRM, a Contact Relationship Management system. The 'contact' part of this is crucial. The quality and usability of the contact information in your Xero software will be a key factor in the outcomes you can achieve with your Connectably software subscription.

As we outlined in the Xero integration overview guide, Your contacts and organisation information in Xero is synced both ways between Connectably and Xero, so that whenever there is an update on core information (names, company names, contact information, addresses) both systems remain in sync. 

Active customers with sales history are synced between Connectably and Xero. Suppliers, archived contacts and contacts without sales transactions on Xero are not.

Connectably doesn't create a significant burden with regards to its minimum data set, but does need some key information per contact, namely:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address

The core required information is found in the fields in the image below.

In our experience of helping new users get onto Connectably, often Xero users will use the 'Contact Name' field only for storing contact information in their Xero account. It's important to have a primary contact person and their email address as well.

Xero's Max Contacts Per Company/Contact Record

Xero will allow you to associate up to five contact people per contact/company record. Connectably will sync all contacts against the same company record on Connectably. If you associate more than five contacts with one particular company on Connectably, then Connectably syncs the first five with Xero. If you find that the contacts you want to sync with Connectably aren't the ones that are being synced, then set the contacts you need to be synced on Xero, allow the sync to happen, then add additional contacts to the company in Connectably.

Additional Information
Other details, like addresses, phone numbers, organisation (if relevant) aren't required fields but will be passed between your Xero and Connectably accounts if you have that information.

Next Steps
Once you've tidied up your active customers on Xero with the minimum information that Connectably requires to sync the records onto Connectably, then it's time to set up / verify your chart of accounts sales and bank codes on Xero.

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