When you make sales and take payments using Connectably and our payment partners, GoCardless and Stripe, Connectably can automatically trigger the sending of invoices from Xero on your behalf, if you would like it to.

You can trigger invoices to be sent: 

  1. on payment authorisation (order form / agreement page submission), or; 
  2. at the point that an electronic transaction is paid and received successfully via payment partners GoCardless or Stripe, or; 
  3. at both events, or;
  4. at neither event, and send invoices yourself, manually.

The subject and body of the email will generated from your organisation’s default 'Sales Invoice' template in Xero. You can read more about Xero email templates here but bear in mind that only the default Sales Invoice template will be triggered by Connectably for all invoice sends. This is a restriction set by the Xero API.

The only step you need to take in Xero is to confirm you have a default sales invoice template in Xero with appropriate formatting and text to be sent with all your invoices triggered by Connectably for one-off or subscription payments, irrespective of payment method or product(s) / service(s) purchased.

The email will be sent to the primary email address of the contact on the invoice and any additional contact persons that have the "Include In Emails" check box selected on the organisation / contact record (see image below).

The 'sender' will be the Xero user who authorised the application connection between Connectably and Xero.

Next Steps
Once you've completed the steps on setting up your default sales invoice email in Xero, please head to the next help article on linking Connectably with your Xero account on the first log in.

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