This help guide describes how to get started with Connectably and syncing your sales and marketing operations with your bookkeeping and accounting operations in Xero.

Xero pre-checks before first log in to Connectably:
Before we start, just double-check that you or your bookkeeper / accountant have completed these four actions in Xero:

  1. Your customers in Xero all have first and last names and an email address (see this article if you still need to check this);
  2. You've set up chart of account codes in Xero for subscriptions have confirmed the expenses code you'll use for GoCardless and Stripe processing / bank fees (see this article if you still need to check this).
  3. Ensure you have products set up in Xero and set them against the correct account codes to use Connectably order forms and quotes (see this article if you still need to check this).
  4. Double check that you have a default sales invoice template in Xero that will be sent with your invoices triggered by Connectably for one-off or subscription payments that will be understood no matter how your customer has bought (see this article if you still need to check this).

After you've logged in to Connectably for the first time:
When you log in to Connectably for the first time, you'll be asked to authenticate with Xero:

When you click authorise you'll be redirected to a page where you're either asked to sign in to Xero (if not already signed in to the account you want to authenticate with), or to a page that looks like this if you are already signed in:

You should only click 'Allow Access' if the account shown is the one that you want to connect with Connectably. If it isn't the correct Xero account then click 'Cancel and go back' and log in to Xero and set your profile to be using the account you do want to connect with Connectably before re-authorising using the step above.

Authentication Complete
After authenticating, you'll be asked to authenticate with GoCardless, and then Stripe.

Once you've done so, Connectably then begins the process of importing the following information into Connectably from Xero to start your account with customer data:

  1. Active customers (contacts / organisations with invoices or payment history)
  2. Payment history for the above
  3. Companies
  4. Account codes (for mapping to activities in Connectably)
  5. Products

Once complete, you'll see a message like the following:

Next Steps: Once you've completed the steps on connecting your Xero account, please head to the next help article on configuring the Xero settings in your Connectably account.

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