Disconnecting Xero from Connectably is a one-click process in either Connectably or Xero.

In Connectably:
Disconnecting Xero in Connectably instantly removes the connection with Xero from your Connectably account. It can be reconnected by you, but until you do so, it will not sync any longer between the two accounts. 

To disconnect, visit Settings > Initial Settings and press the 'Disconnect' button next to the Xero name:

(1) Settings:

(2) Initial Settings:

(3) Disconnect Xero:

In Xero:
Disconnecting Connectably in Xero automatically and completely removes the full connection between Xero and Connectably. 

Remove the connection via Settings > Connected Apps. When there, click 'Disconnect App' next to the Connectably link to immediately remove the connection with Connectably:

Connectably Account Deletion:
If you ever end your subscription to Connectably, then your account will be deleted completed after 30 days following end of subscription. If you have forgotten to disconnect Xero, removal of the account also removes the connection you've previously authenticated.

Xero is the main integration with Connectably, fully and directly integrated in eight different ways between the system. When you disconnect the Xero service, the Connectably service requires reconnection before allowing the user to do anything further within the application

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