One of the key benefits of Connectably is to be able to take simply and predictably take online payments for regular day-to-day services you provide and products you sell, instead of having to manually invoice and chase payments.

In order to do this, you just need to have your services and products set up in Xero, so that when you build order forms and quotes in Connectably, there is a reference point with Xero and our payment partners for what you are selling. 

You can do this in the 'Products and services' section of your Xero account (what Xero used to call 'Inventory').

You will add all the products and services in Business > Products and Services.

As you do so, just ensure you have products set up in Xero against the correct account codes that you’ll use in Connectably when you sell your products, services and packages via Connectably order forms and quotes. Take particular care that those products that are recurring charges / subscriptions are set up against the account code you've set up for this (e.g. "Sales - Subscriptions"). See the screenshots below for a working example.

'Item Name' will be seen by buyers, so make them customer-friendly.
'Item Code' will only be seen by users of Xero.

'Cost Price' and 'Quantity' are often not required in a service based business where the service is 'You'.

A note on pricing:
If you charge different prices to different customers for essentially the same product / service, you do not necessarily have to set up every price combination if you do not wish to do so. When you set up your Connectably order form, you can set the price you charge for any product / service / recurring payment / subscription to be the price you want to charge for any one particular order form.

Add product:

Over time you can add to the list of products and services in Xero and it will sync with Connectably as you do so.

Next Steps

Once you've completed the steps on setting up your products and services in Xero, please head to the next help article on setting up (or checking) the default email that will be sent out with invoices from your Connectably account.

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