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Connectably provides one of the most extensive integrations of any CRM solution on the Xero marketplace.

Connectably integrates directly with Xero in eight ways - both directly and on behalf of our electronic payment partners, GoCardless and Stripe.

Data Shared Between Connectably and Xero

A summary of the integrations and the names used for those functions in both applications is shown below:

Xero shares the following core pieces of information with Connectably:

  1. Your contacts and organisation information - these are synced both ways between Connectably and Xero, so that whenever there is an update on core information (names, company names, contact information, addresses) both systems remain in sync. Active customers with sales history are synced between Connectably and Xero. Suppliers, archived contacts and contacts without sales transactions on Xero are not.
  2. To calculate sales-to-date and track recent sales history, Connectably also retrieves invoice history by contact / organisation. 
  3. To enable you to create order forms in Connectably to get paid securely online for goods and services you quote for and sell, Xero also shares products and inventory information with Connectably.
  4. To allocate sales and bank fees (Stripe / GoCardless) to the correct account codes in Xero, Xero also shares account code information with Connectably so that you can specify in the Connectably app where to match these transactions to as Connectably feeds back into Xero when they happen.

Connectably shares the following core pieces of information with Xero:

  1. Your contacts and organisation information - kept fully in sync (see above)
  2. If bank accounts for GoCardless and Stripe, our payment partners, do not already exist in your Xero account, then Connectably will automatically set those accounts up for you as accounts in your Xero application.
  3. Connectably creates invoices and records payments in Xero when notified by our payment partners GoCardless and Stripe. From the point of first configuration, all Stripe and GoCardless transactions (in GBP) are automatically fed into Xero, whether originally created or triggered by Connectably order forms or not.
  4. When order forms are submitted or manual quotes accepted via Connectably order forms and quotes, Connectably creates invoices in Xero with a payment status of approved and unpaid. For subscriptions, each period the subscription runs, Connectably will create the invoice and track payments on a period-by-period basis.
  5. Connectably uses tagging for segmentation of leads and customers. One such tag category is to track the lead source of business for marketing activity tracking. Connectably will create a tracking category in Xero, if one of the two available tracking category slots that Xero allows you to use is available. The tracking category will be called 'Lead Source'. Afterwards, Connectably will sync those lead sources (up to 100) with Xero as 'Category Options' within the newly created 'Lead Source' tracking category. When contacts are allocated one of those tags and transactions are processed associated with that contact, Xero will then have a record of the lead source of that business as well, allowing you to report on marketing activity effectiveness there.

Functional Split Between Connectably and Xero

From a functional perspective, the way that Connectably works with Xero gives coverage across all the sales, marketing and customer service functions of your service-based business:

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